The Objective of the Accident Research Unit

The main objective of the Accident Research Unit Hannover is to document and analyse road accidents with personell injuries. By doing so the Accident Research Unit delivers basic data for regulatory bodies, industry and other organisations. The data help to improve safety of vehicles and infrastructure and thus to avoid or mitigate injuries.

The accident data base records the most important information concerning the accident circumstances, the injuries, the accident causation etc.

Who are the adressees of the data?

  •  The regulatory bodies obtain the possibilities to observe the accident situation in detail and to recognise negative trends early. The detailed documentation of the accidents including vehicle damage, injuries and injury causation for vehicle occupants and vulnerable road users (e.g. pedestrians and cyclists) allows to develop rules and regulations. The results of the accident research community concerning the effectivity of safety belts and helmets considerably contributed to the negotiation of the rules and regulation of today and had a positive impact on the accident and injury Situation.
  • The automotive industry benefits from the possibilities to study the behaviour of their products in real world conditions and to compare the real world performance with the results from crash tests.