Which information do we need?

Our mission is to develop measures in order to avoid injuries resulting from road traffic accidents or to mitigate burden resulting from those injuries. We are using detailed information from real world accidents as a basis for our work. Therefore all information in the context of the accidents are of importance for us. Especially the following topics of of major interest:

  • emergence of the accident
    • intentions of the involved parties
    • mental stress
    • sight obstructions
  • equipment of the vehicles with safety features and their use
    • belts
    • airbags
    • driver assistance systems
  • Injuries
    • affected body parts
    • kind of injury
    • extend of injury
  • cause of injury
    • contact point
    • seating position, posture and seat adjustment (if applicable)

A large number of relevant information can be gathered from the vehicle documents and your driving license. For that reason we are asking, whether or not we are allowed to take a copy of these documents or if you could send us a copy in case the documents were not available for us at the scene of the accident.

In order to evaluate the emergence and the resulting mechanicals loads objectively all accidents are simulated using accident reconstruction software. For this simulation it is important to know as exact as possible where the accident happened, how the involved parties had their final rest and how they moved directly before the accident in relation to each other. Finally the maneuvers driven (e.g., accelerating, braking, steering etc.) directly before the accident are of importance.