Information on data protection

Following the development with respect to the possibilities to the use of electronic data and the newest Information on the misuse of personal data the legal requirements with respect to data protection are regularly updated. The protection of data of people being involved in accidents is for our point of view even more important than for everyone else. Therefor we are regularly checking whether or not our internal data protection approach fulfils the legal requirements and also our own moral requirements. In addition to our own checks we are monitored regularly by the responsible data security officer.

During the acquisition of accident data we are also gathering personal data of the accident involved people that are stored and processed following the requirements for data protection.

Our accident data bank does not contain any names, dates of births, license plates nor any other information that would allow to identify any of the accident involved people. However during the data acquisition phase we need the names and addresses of the involved people. These data are deleted completely after finishing the data acquisition phase. These personal data will not be forwarded to anyone else. In addition none of our acquisition results (e.g., information from interviews, simulation results etc.) will be disclosed to the police, the insurance companies or other accident involved people.

License plates, faces and other attributes that would allow to identify anyone from the accident scene are masked in photos and names and dates are removed from documents.