Medical Confidentiality

Medical doctors are normally able to describe injuries than the accident participants themselves. In addition they have objective examination results such as X-Ray images available. Therefore we are keen to interview the medical doctors w.r.t. the sustained injuries and to have access to the written medical statements and to receive copies of the objective examination results.

However, the Medical Confidentiality protects these data in order to protect the patients’ personal rights. Therefore the doctors and their staff are not allowed to disclose These Information to anyone else except the patient gives his written informed consent to release the doctor from this duty.

We consider the Medical Confidentiality as being very important and respect the rules completely. In order to obtain the crucial information from the hospitals and the medical doctors we are asking you for your written consent to release the medical doctors and the hospitals from their Medical Confidentiality w.r.t. the examined accident. This written consent is a voluntary act and you will not sustain any disadvantage when not giving the consent.

If you released the medial doctor from the Medical Confidentiality we will ask only for information with direct link to the accident and of course will make sure that all information stored by us will be free from any personal Information that would allow to track back to you. Also we will not disclose the personal information to anyone else.